That’s a problem for many indigenous Dayak communities, who live amid massive palm oil plantations and logging companies on their traditional lands. 

But some people are using basic mobile phones to fill this media void. They’re texting the news, and they say it's making a difference in their lives. 

CBC: Texting the news

The citizens of Indonesia are among the world’s most avid users of the Internet and social media. But not everyone is so well-connected in the sprawling archipelago nation.

In remote corners of West Kalimantan, the closest village may be hours, even days away and getting the news in — or out — can be difficult. 

 A recruit descends into the water as a dive trainer films his entrance.

PRI: Clearing the Depths

A former soldier tries to atone for the sins of his past, while another just wants to learn to swim. They're both recruits hoping to join what would be Cambodia's first team of underwater de-miners. 


PRI: Talking to men about rape

At 24, Samnang looks like many Cambodian men his age, dressed in a fitted plaid shirt and skinny jeans. Samnang is not his real name; he’s only agreed to let me record our conversation if I don’t identify him. He’s not shy, though, when asked about the first time he and his friends forced a woman to have sex. A look at Cambodia's alarming problem of gang rape.


CBC: Cambodia reality TV show reunites Khmer Rouge survivors

The Khmer Rouge split families apart in a ruthless bid to remake society. Decades later, many families are still searching for missing loved ones, unsure if they are alive or dead. A feature story on Cambodia's reality show uniting long-separated families.

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PRI: Bangkok pet rescue

"I can't live here any longer," says Tuanjai Chanpeng, standing submerged in chest-deep water, "but I'm not leaving without my cats."

While Bangkok's massive floods rendered thousands homeless, volunteers scoured the city for stranded pets. In this radio piece for PRI's The World, I spent a day with Bangkok's pet rescue brigade.

 A volunteer tries to stop a rescued cat from escaping.
 Snguon Kavei Sereyroth plays the harp at her home in Phnom Penh.

PRI: A new life for vanished music

In Cambodia, reviving a piece of the country's lost musical heritage: an ancient harp that had disappeared for centuries. A radio story for PRI's The World.


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