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Where's Postmedia? Not in Cairo

Here's a pleasant surprise: Canadian media organizations seem to be investing serious resources to produce original coverage on the ground in Cairo right now. The one notable exception, however, appears to be the publishers of Canada's largest chain of broadsheet newspapers: the former Canwest empire, now leaner and known as Postmedia.

The apparent absence of any Postmedia reporter in Cairo (please correct me if I'm wrong -- I can't find any non-wire stories on any of the papers' websites) becomes slightly awkward in this Postmedia story describing all the Canadian journalists who have been 'attacked or detained' in the Egyptian capital. The reporter, who is evidently not in Cairo, cites Twitter updates from someone who is: Sonia Verma, who works for the rival Globe & Mail newspaper and tweeted live updates as she was being arrested.

The Postmedia story then helpfully lists several other Canadian journalists in Cairo who have been assaulted or hindered in some way. CBC Radio reporter Margaret Evans. A crew from Radio-Canada. A CTV team.

A quick check of other major Canadian media organizations shows that the Toronto Star also has a reporter in Cairo. Postmedia's former corporate cousins, Global TV, sent a couple of correspondents there as well. Even my former employers at Sun Media, who have never been particularly enthusiastic about funding foreign coverage, somehow have parliamentary correspondent David Akin blogging and tweeting from Cairo.

Postmedia, however, appears to be relying on wire reports (and evidently, rival reporters' Twitter feeds). What is a reader to think? Perhaps it's that if a Canadian is interested in on-the-ground reporting from Cairo, he should do as this Postmedia reporter did: read some other news outlet that's actually there.